5 Best Bodyweight Workouts To Stay Lean After 50

Bridges are often on lists of the best ways to work out. This is because bridges are, without a doubt, one of the best workouts you can do.

1. Bridges

This exercise is easy to learn, easy to get better at, and safe for almost everyone.


The upward dog is a great way to stretch your back, hip flexors, and abdominal muscles.

2. Upward Dog

This move makes you stretch your back very far. Because of this, this stretch is often given to people with many kinds of back pain.

Upward Dog

This move makes the legs and body more stable.

3. Bodyweight Squats

Even better, adding weight can make the exercise much harder, which is a great way to make it harder as time goes on.

Bodyweight Squats

Bird dogs are great for getting stronger all over your back and core.

4. Flowing Bird Dogs

This move uses the multifidi, the hips, and a number of other muscles all over the body.

Flowing Bird Dogs

This isometric workout works your core and abs without putting pressure on your joints.

5. Planks

By slowly adding more time to how long you can hold a plank, you'll slowly but surely improve your core strength and endurance.


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