5 Zodiac Signs Who Can Laugh Atselves

Most of the time, Sagittarians don't let bad days get the best of them.

1. Sagittarius

They know not to take life too seriously and are naturally happy.


Leo is a bright spot. At heart, they are hopeful people who try to live in a good way.

2. Leo

So, when something embarrassing happens, they know how to handle it well.


Most of the time, Pisces has their head in the clouds. The water sign is good at just going with the flow.

3. Pisces

They aren't the type to stay in situations that aren't good for them or to complain about their lives.


Aquarius is smart and full of life. They will never let a bad day get them down. They have a reason for living and won't let anything stop them.

4. Aquarius

They don't like to think about what could have or should have happened.


Virgos are always careful about how much they let outside things change them.

5. Virgo

They are wise for their age, and no matter how bad things are, they can always find something funny about it.


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