5 Zodiacs Who Are Crushing The Coastal Cowgirl Trend

You are the most likely of all the signs to show up to the beach party in a crewneck and wet hair, making you look like you belong on the set of a CW drama.

1. Taurus

Look in your boyfriend's closet for a button-up shirt that is too big.


Cancer, you're at your best when you're close to water.

2. Cancer

You do best in a world where it's always summer and you can always smell the sea.


Pisces, you are mysterious, dreamy, and sensitive. You wear your heart on your shirt and like to create a look that is as complicated as you are.

3. Pisces

Start out by getting a white off-the-shoulder dress from a thrift store.


Your free-spiritedness is obvious from a mile away, Sagittarius.

4. Sagittarius

Put feathers in your hair, put on a slouchy cardigan, and roll up the bottoms of your loose pants.


You're always the first one in your group of friends to try something new, and you're not afraid to take risks, even if other people think you're running into the Wild West.

5. Gemini

You're not the type to say no to a dare. Gemini, I'll see you at sunset. Wear your best cowboy boots made of white leather.


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