Best Tips For Losing Weight After 60

No matter your age, moving more is excellent. Any extra movement helps weight-losers. Note that “physical activity” is not exercise.

1. Increase Physical Activity

Any unstructured movement a person does daily is physical activity.

Increase Physical Activity

HIIT exercise can be done by everyone if scaled to their abilities.

2. Try HIIT

This interval training burns tons of calories during exercise, helping the person lose more calories.


One of the finest methods to get more active is with like-minded folks.

3. Find Workout Partners or Groups

Finding a person or group to hold you accountable will help you stay to your weight loss regimen and reach your goal.

Find Workout Partners or Groups

Slow, steady motions are fine. In reality, your training regimen should include regular, moderate exercise.

4. Perform Explosive Exercise

However, intense activity a few times a week can aid weight loss.

Perform Explosive Exercise

When you get upset or think you'll never lose the weight, focus on the benefits of your workout experience.

5. Focus on the Positives

Working out and eating healthy are good for your body.

Focus on the Positives

Some exercises burn more calories. If you don't like an exercise, you won't perform it.

6. Find a Form of Exercise that You Like

Therefore, you must choose an exercise you enjoy. This could be biking, aerobics, jogging, jumping rope, core training, circuit training, or yoga.

Find a Form of Exercise that You Like

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