Foods That May Improve Your Sleep

Most of us have trouble sleeping at some point in our lives, whether it's because of work worries, other stresses, or just a long list of things to do.

1. Shut-eye foods

But making a few simple changes to your food can tip the scales in favor of better sleep.

Shut-eye foods

Researchers have found that a Mediterranean diet can help you sleep better and lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

2. Mediterranean diet

The subjects slept better the more closely they followed the rules of a Mediterranean menu.

Mediterranean diet

People who can't handle dairy or don't want to eat it can get a lot of calcium from canned sardines.

3. Canned sardines

Or, vegans can get calcium from plant milks, nuts, and green veggies that have been added to.

Canned sardines

A banana has about 375mg of potassium, which is almost a fifth of the daily recommended amount.

4. Bananas

Potassium is a mineral that helps people feel less sleepy during the day.


Brazil nuts are full of magnesium, which can raise amounts of the hormone melatonin, which helps you sleep, and relax your muscles.

5. Brazil nuts

Studies have shown that taking magnesium tablets can help people who have trouble sleeping because their blood doesn't have enough magnesium.

Brazil nuts

Almonds are also a good source of magnesium, and they have been shown to help people fall asleep.

6. Almonds

In one study, the number of students who said they couldn't sleep went down by 10%.


Foods That Could Help You Sleep Better