Low-calorie Vegetables That Are Ideal For Weight Loss

This leafy green vegetable, also known as pak choi, is a variety of Chinese cabbage that is commonly used in Asian cooking and is gaining popularity elsewhere.

1. Bok choy

It ought to be available at the supermarket or farmer's market near you.

Anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing antioxidants can be found in abundance in cucumbers.

2. Cucumber

If you don't have any mints on hand, eating them is an excellent method to clean your palate and breath.

No, you didn't read that wrong; there are just 4 calories in a cup of watercress.

3. Watercress

Watercress has a very low-calorie count but is nonetheless quite healthy and packed with disease-fighting chemicals.

Lettuce's widespread appeal can be attributed to its ubiquitous appearance on the sandwich and burger menus of many major fast food chains.

4. Lettuce

Whole-grain bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and boiled eggs make for a satiating and healthy sandwich at home.

It has long been asserted that celery is a negative-calorie food because digestion requires more energy than it supplies.

5. Celery

Regrettably, this claim is not supported by any scientific data.

Summer squash zucchini, also known as courgette, looks very similar to cucumber.

6. Zucchini

Minerals and vitamins like zinc, copper, and phosphorus are provided to the body in trace amounts.

Best vegetables for weight loss that are low in calories