Simple Exercises That Will Make Your Joints Feel Better

Swimming is a great way to improve joint movement without putting too much stress on them.

1. Swimming

Swimming also "improved muscle strength and functional capacity in middle-aged and older adults with OA.


The same study found that cycling is also good for your joints, and its effects are similar to those of swimming.

2. Cycling

Measured by maximal handgrip strength, isokinetic knee extension, and flexion power.


Tai Chi not only helps people with arthritis, osteoarthritis, or any other condition that causes joint pain to feel better.

3. Tai chi

But it also helps healthy people avoid or delay the onset of joint pain.

Tai chi

Fitness experts say that stretching is also important for the health of your joints.

4. Circle stretches

Move blood flow to the joints, improve mobility, and make you more flexible.

Circle stretches

Many people think that using weights or bands for strength training will cause wear and tear on the joints.

5. Resistance training

When done right, strength workouts can improve the health of your joints.

Resistance training

This pose, which looks like an upside-down V, helps to strengthen the shoulder and wrist joints.

6. Yoga

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