The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

A good snack is Almonds Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Nuts.

1. Almonds

Even though they have a lot of fat, they could still be the healthiest snack you eat.


You don't have to go on a grapefruit diet to get the health benefits of this red fruit.

2. Grapefruit

But it's low in calories and comes in a satisfying size. It also has some pretty powerful vitamins.


Make sure you always have beans in your pantry so you can eat them when you're hungry.

3. Chickpeas

They taste meaty and have a nutty feel. They also have a lot of filling fiber and a little protein, which is great if you are watching your weight.


Grapes have a lot of natural sugar, but if you enjoy each one slowly, you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Grapes

Try putting grapes in the freezer for a quick snack, or pair them with cheese for a lunch that's easy to bring to work.


You don't have to give up the foods you like in order to lose weight.

5. Chocolate

You might not believe it, but giving yourself little treats could be the key to keeping your weight under control.


Popcorn has a lot of grain and a little bit of protein.

6. Popcorn

You can buy popcorn in bags, or you can make it yourself.


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