The Healthiest Foods for Weight Reduction

A meta-analysis showing that reducing weight gain risk by consuming more than four daily servings of vegetables.

1. Spinach

A single serving of spinach is equivalent to one cup raw or two cups cooked.

Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats, making them a filling food that can help reduce appetite.

2. Eggs

That obese adolescents who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate bread.

Greek yogurt is not only a great source of protein, which can aid in weight reduction by keeping you full for longer, but it is also loaded with probiotics.

3. Greek yogurt

Which are good for your digestive system. The beneficial bacteria in your intestines also have positive effects on your physique.

Raspberries are rich in fiber and remarkably low in calories. Just 64 calories and roughly 8 grams of fiber (or 29% of the daily value) can be found in one cup of raspberries.

4. Raspberries

For a snack that's both filling and healthy, try topping some raspberries with a cup of plain Greek yogurt.

If you consume a handful of pistachios before a meal, you may find that you feel fuller with less food, and hence have less of an appetite afterward.

5. Pistachios

Pistachios with their shells have the additional virtue of requiring more time to consume.

Including almonds in your diet, either as a standalone snack or in the form of almond butter over toast, is a good idea if you're trying to trim down.

6. Almonds

Foods That Help You Lose Weight