The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Because of their unique, colorful patterns and soft coats, the Australian Shepherd is often thought to be one of the most beautiful dogs.

1. Australian Shepherd

They have a natural urge to herd anything, including kids, other dogs, and even cars.

Australian Shepherd

Samoyeds are beautiful dogs, but they were all bred to do work. At the shoulders, they can be anywhere from 19 to 23 inches tall.

2. Samoyed

They are strong animals that were raised to pull sleds in the coldest weather.


The word "cute" is often used to describe these little balls of fur for a good reason.

3. Pomeranian

These little dogs are alert and good watchdogs, but sometimes they are a little too good.


Poodles are very smart and very athletic. They are not a good choice for the average dog owner, but those who have the time to care for them can make great friends.

4. Poodle

Most people know them for their weird haircuts, but most owners give their Poodles a simple sports clip instead.


These dogs were raised to hunt for kings thousands of years ago.

5. Saluki

They are very strong and athletic, and the males are much bigger than the females.


These dogs might not be what most people think of when they hear the word "beautiful," but they sure are strong.

6. Chow Chow

They are strong and made like bricks. They have a lion's mane and a lot of wrinkles on their faces.

Chow Chow

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