Unexpected Ways To Get More Protein In Your Diet

Nuts are a great protein-rich snack, so keep them close by when you need a quick dose of protein.

1. Keep Nuts on Hand

Just be careful, because most nuts are also high in fat, so you shouldn't count on them alone to make up for the protein you're missing.

Keep Nuts on Hand

You might be surprised at how well beans go with so many different foods.

2. Toss In Some Beans

You can add them to soups, salads, pasta, or anything else you can think of to get protein and vitamins quickly.

Toss In Some Beans

Quinoa has a good amount of energy and can be used in many places where rice would normally be used.

3. Quinoa 

Quinoa and rice cook in the same way, so if you've never done it before, there's not much to learn.


Seeds are a great way to top so many different kinds of food.

4. Try Some Seeds

Put a few on yogurt or add them to salads to make them more interesting.

Try Some Seeds

Not everyone's idea of a good dessert is a protein shake.

5. Smoothies

But if you add some fresh fruit and yogurt and blend it, you get a cool, slightly sweet drink that gives you protein and takes care of your sweet tooth for a while.


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