Weight Loss With Scientifically Proven Fat-burning Foods

The more green a banana is, the less ripe it is. But did you know that green bananas are also different from yellow bananas when it comes to nutrition.

1. Green Bananas

There is more resistant starch in green bananas. The small intestines are not able to break down resistant starch.

Green Bananas

About 5 calories are in one leaf of lettuce. So, you can eat a lot of lettuce without gaining a lot of weight.

2. Lettuce

Because of this, spinach is a great base for other foods.


Cabbage is another great base that is low in calories and high in fiber. In many recipes, cabbage can be used instead of rice to cut down on calories.

3. Cabbage

For example, sauteed cabbage and chicken meat went well together.


Cucumbers are the best "cracker" to go with dips. Sliced crosswise, raw cucumbers are the right size and have the right crunchy texture for dips.

4. Cucumbers

We know that we need to eat less to lose weight and break down fat.


Another great thing to eat instead of pasta is zucchini. Spiralized zucchini looks like spaghetti noodles in size and form, but it has less calories.

5. Zucchini

About 240 calories are in one cup of pasta, but only 33 calories are in one cup of zoodles. Zucchini also has a lot of fiber, which makes you feel full.


Mushrooms taste like meat, but they don't have a lot of calories. So, mushrooms are a great option to meats that are higher in calories.

6. Mushrooms

One study found that when people switched from red meat to mushrooms, they lost weight, got smaller around the middle.


Scientifically Proven Fat-burning Foods For Weight Loss