West Highland White Terrier Mixed Dog Breeds

This is one of the most popular Westie mixes. They have the confidence of a Westie and the energy of a Yorkshire Terrier.

1. Westie Yorkie

This small mixed-breed dog tends to bark a lot, especially when it's bored or has no one to play with it.

Westie Yorkie

When fully grown, the Westie Chihuahua usually weighs between 5 and 10 pounds and has floppy ears and either a short or long coat, based on which traits come from which parent.

2. Westie Chihuahua

Many owners and dog lovers also call these dogs of mixed breeds "Chesties." These friendly dogs love their people and will cuddle with them whenever they can.

Westie Chihuahua

The Westie and the Schnauzer were bred together to make this unique dog.

3. Wauzer

Wauzers are usually friendly, open dogs who like to hang out with both family and strangers.


These dogs are known for being very active, so they are best for busy families who like to spend time outside.

4. Westie Pug

Westie Pugs are known for being very friendly, so they do well at dog parks and in most public places.

Westie Pug

These cute dogs have coats that are brown, white, cream, brindle, and fawn, among other colors and patterns.

5. Westie Beagle

They might have floppy ears like their Beagle parent, or they might have pointy ears like their Westie cousin.

Westie Beagle

The Silky Terrier Westie mix is a lively designer dog that lives up to the energetic image of the terrier breed.

6. Silky Terrier Westie

They love nothing more than going on adventures outside, whether it's at the beach, the park, or the camping.

Silky Terrier Westie

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